Hello and Welcome to my personal blog


I’ve created this blog to record life stories. I do not believe any of us live long enough to learn all the mistakes that make our lives richer, so I am blogging about life stories that share honest experiences. These experiences may relate to family problems or marriage issues(like “What wedding gifts would you prefer?” – just tell them to visit www.weddinggiftideas.co) or just life in general. All have something to offer, even if it is just gratitude that our own life experiences have not been quite so challenging – yet!

For none of us know what tomorrow will bring. Whilst it is wise to plan, none of us can project into the future to know what help we might need. Whatever our problems, however big or small, there is a solution. Whilst we find it easy to accept that good times come to an end – we don’t expect the buzz from a great concert to see us through the rest of the week for example – it is sometimes difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when life challenges us. But these challenges shall pass, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly and each one will make us grow. The life stories I share I hope will ease and lighten that path.
By sharing these stories I hope you find hope and strength.

Hannes Uys biography

My names is Hannes Uys and I am a third generation American living in Winchester, Massachusetts, USA. I was born in 1984 and am married to Elsa whom I met on holiday when visiting cousins in Sweden. We have been married for five years and have two children, Linnea aged 3 and Ebba is five months. I am an accredited drug and alcohol counsellor with an interest in all human behaviour and interactions. I am always learning.