Common problems in the first year of marriage

You are newly-weds – Congratulations! Even if you have known each other for years, it is common to have some marriage problems to be worked through. By resolving these problems together, you are creating the foundations of a strong and happy relationship. We have listed some of the common problems, along with suggested solutions. Communicate clearly and honestly with each other to reach the solution that is beneficial to you both. At the end of your first year of marriage you can look back and be proud you have overcome these obstacles together.problems

1. Money matters

If you find yourself arguing or getting resentful about how you each spend or save money or how you deal with general finances it is critical that you have an open discussion about your own personal values and goals and what you as a married couple wish for. Do you want a joint bank account? Do you have anything to save for in the long-term as well as the short-term? Establish, set and follow through with the financial goals that you have agreed works for you both. It is likely you will both need to adjust, so be willing to do so.

2. Time management and schedules

You may spend more time together once you are married, but it is important to maintain your existing friendships and lives outside of each other too. Being clingy will make your partner resentful. Continue your hobbies and passions. If one of you feels a bit left out, invite each other to join in or find a hobby to enjoy yourself. Time apart helps maintain a healthy and happy marriage, so schedule regular nights out with friends, family and co-workers.

3. Things become annoying

The little things you once found endearing about your partner may now drive you crazy! Accept that their quirks are what makes them unique and part of the person you love. You will naturally readjust. Reduce your exposure to these little things by spending some time by yourself or with friends. And remember, your partner is likely irritated by your quirks too.

4. Family Problems

Getting married means redefining boundaries and loosening ties with parents. Decide together how much parental input you want and need to maintain respect and then you need and set boundaries with your parents. Each child is responsible for communicating the message to their own family

5. Housework

You or your partner may assume that the other will take on certain roles when it comes to running the house. Negotiate how to complete the chores, playing to each of your strengths. Focus first on how you can help, not how your partner is letting you down.

6. Intimacy

Actively make the time and effort to keep the spark you have or had. Schedule a date night, whether a candlelit dinner at home or a night out on the town. Never cancel the date night,