Wedding Disasters We Can All Learn From


You want your wedding to be perfect in every way. However, sometimes unexpected wedding disasters happen despite your best efforts. It’s wise to have a Plan B and we hope that you’ll learn from other people’s experiences when things didn’t quite go to plan:

1.The disappearing vendor

What happens if the venue, photographer or baker bails out on you weeks before your wedding? Good vendors will find you someone else offering the service and package deals you originally booked. Check with all the vendors six weeks before the wedding that everything is on schedule for your big day. If you don’t get replies to phone calls or emails, you’ll have time to look for alternatives. Always buy wedding insurance so that if there is a wedding disaster weeks before you say “I do” you’ll not have the financial worries booking a new vendor.

2. Be careful when you order

Whilst your dress from China is a bargain, are you sure you’ll get it? Is it the right one? Does it fit? Wedding couples are being scammed everyday especially online. Before buying anything for your wedding, read reviews and thoroughly research the retailer. Keep all receipts so you can claim a refund. Search out in advance a reliable seamstress in case you need alterations.

3. Keep calm

Wedding planning is stressful and emotions run high. Don’t create your own wedding disaster with family disagreements over the guest list or fights with your partner. Keep calm, take some time out and talk about it later.

4. ‘Red Flags’

Always, always trust your instincts. If you don’t trust your wedding planner or a vendor, find another. If the vendor goes quiet and doesn’t return calls, start looking for alternatives.

5. Unreliable hair/make-up stylist

Look for hair stylist and make-up experts months before the wedding so you can find someone to do your hair and make-up just the way you want it. People move jobs, move away or become ill, so have a plan B in case either become unavailable.

6. Unreturned RSVP

If you don’t know the exact number of guests, planning becomes difficult, particularly if you’re having a plated dinner reception. Give guests plenty of time to RSVP. Note the email or phone number of those you’ve invited so you can chase them to confirm numbers attending. If you’re still unsure add extra chairs at the ceremony and have a buffet catering for the numbers you’ve invited.

7. The weather disaster

Who knows when bad weather will hit. If you’re having a reception outdoors, arrange for a marquee in case it rains and choose décor that won’t blow away. Check the weather forecast and liaise with your venue to amend plans.

8. Wardrobe malfunctions

Whatever your wardrobe malfunction, you must have a plan B for all eventualities, whether it be a button needing to be sewn back on, your shoes are too tight or you have an allergy to the wedding ring. Have a box containing needle and thread, a spare pair of shoes and a basic first aid kit with antihistamine, plasters etc.
Some things go wrong despite the best plans. If a freak storm stops guests from attending or your husband-to-be faints at the altar and has to be carried out, a wedding disaster doesn’t mean the marriage will be a disaster, too. You’ll have a great story to tell and you WILL laugh when you tell it.
Keep perspective, support one another and remember what really matters: you are getting married surrounded by the love and support of your family and friends.